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86th Session - Legislative Agenda for 2019

Read about the 2019 Legislative Agenda here

Public Funding for the Arts

The Texans for the Arts Legislative Agenda says, "To meet the needs for a culturally rich and diverse state as well as the demands for an educated and creative workforce, Texans for the Arts will advocate for the development and implementation of statewide public policy that supports strong and vibrant arts, cultural and creative industries."

Learn more about the 2013-2014 TFA Legislative Agenda here.

Top Ten Reasons to Support the Arts

by Randy Cohen

  1. True Prosperity
  2. Stronger Communities
  3. Health and Well Being
  4. 21st Century Work Force
  5. Improved Academic Performance
  6. Arts in the school = better SAT scores
  7. Creative Industries
  8. Arts are the cornerstone of tourism
  9. Arts are good for local merchants
  10. The arts are an Industry

Read the full document here.

State Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT)

The Texas Legislature expressly recognized the arts as an authorized recipient of revenues from local communities to promote tourism and the convention and hotel industry in those communities. Specifically, the legislation in adopting the local hotel occupancy tax (HOT) provided in part that revenue form the tax may be used for the encouragement, promotion, improvement and application of the arts…(read more in the Texans for the Arts White Paper here)

Read the Texas HOT Tax Code (351.001) here