Arts Vote Dallas

Welcome Arts Dallas Voters!

This May 4th, voters will decide who they want to represent them in municipal elections. If there is ever a time when we can openly debate the vision for our communities and think about what is possible, it is our elections.

Arts Vote Dallas aims to engage candidates running for office in Dallas about arts, culture and creative expression and the role they play in building a more vibrant, connected and equitable Dallas.

If you are a candidate, there are multiple opportunities for you to share your thoughts and opinions about arts and culture with the community through a questionnaire, participating in a forum, attending a Meet & Greet, and more. A list of resources has been provided for you below.  

If you are a voter, please see the resources we’ve assembled for you below including voter information, calls to action, Meet & Greets and more.Arts Vote Dallas Pledge Flag

• Why Invest in the Arts in Dallas • Why Invest in the Arts in Dallas
• Dallas Cultural Plan • Dallas Cultural Plan
• Candidates’ Questionnaires • Voter Information - Where to Vote
• Mayoral Candidates • Call to Action - Communication Samples
• City Council Candidates • Candidates Meet and Greet April 29 - Register!
• Mayoral Forum March 25 - Register! • Dallas Arts Advocacy Day April 23 - Register!
• Candidates Meet and Greet April 29 - Register! • Dallas Arts Month April 2019
• Dallas Arts Advocacy Day April 23 - Register! • Mayoral Forum March 25 - Register! 
• Dallas Arts Month April 2019 • Meet the Candidates
  • Mayoral Candidates
  • City Council Candidates
  • Ask the Candidates - Sample Questions to Ask Candidates