Arts Vote Dallas Pledge

Arts Vote Dallas aims to engage candidates running for office in Dallas about arts, culture and creative expression and the role they play in building a more vibrant, connected and equitable Dallas. We invite everyone to take the Arts Vote Dallas pledge – whether you are a voter or a candidate. Make a commitment to join us in our Arts Vote Dallas campaign. Together, we will become educated voters and engaged candidates, ensuring that arts and culture are at the forefront of our civic dialogue. 

I commit to supporting the diverse, vibrant and growing Dallas cultural community by engaging, educating, advocating and ensuring that Arts & Culture are at the forefront of our civic dialogue. My Arts Vote Matters. 

Who's pledging

Diane Hosey Embrey Family Foundation
Jesse Tafalla, Jr. Cara Mia Theatre Co.
Revathi Satyu Indian Cultural Heritage Foundation
Jo Trizila TrizCom PR
Jessica Gonzalez Jessica Gonzalez for Texas House of Representatives
Nelly Cuenca
Dallas Arts District Foundation Dallas Arts District Foundation
Christopher Kiley Texans for the Arts
Andrew Kochie Andrew Kochie Fine Art

327 pledges. Thanks for joining the increasing number of pledgers!

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Chris Heinbaugh AT&T Performing Arts Center - , Executive

Ralph Blackburn

Loris Anthony Beckles Beckles Dancing Company - , Artistic Director

Cone Johnson

Grady McGahan

Chad West Chad West for Dallas - , 2019 Candidate for Dallas City Council District 1

Kathleen Kearney

Zenetta Drew Dallas Black Dance Theatre - , Executive Director

Ernest McMillan

Ann Ranson

Teresa Bond

Abe Carrillo

Diana Pollak

Diana Pollak Creative Arts Center of Dallas, Inc. - , Executive Director

Wolford McCue

Emily Guthrie

Melissa Prycer Dallas Heritage Village - , Executive Director

Ariana Cook

WIll Evans Deep Vellum - , Director

Dedra Brent

Kirsten James

Richard McKay Dallas Chamber Symphony - , Artistic Director

Dallas Arts District Foundation

Joanna St. Angelo SAMMONS CENTER FOR THE ARTS - , Executive Director

judy Pollock