Arts Vote Dallas Pledge

Arts Vote Dallas aims to engage candidates running for office in Dallas about arts, culture and creative expression and the role they play in building a more vibrant, connected and equitable Dallas. We invite everyone to take the Arts Vote Dallas pledge – whether you are a voter or a candidate. Make a commitment to join us in our Arts Vote Dallas campaign. Together, we will become educated voters and engaged candidates, ensuring that arts and culture are at the forefront of our civic dialogue. 

I commit to supporting the diverse, vibrant and growing Dallas cultural community by engaging, educating, advocating and ensuring that Arts & Culture are at the forefront of our civic dialogue. My Arts Vote Matters. 

Who's pledging

Sara Cardona Teatro Dallas
Walteria Caldwell Diversità Opera Arts Company
Chris Heinbaugh AT&T Performing Arts Center
Paul Cathey AT&T Performing Arts Center
Tracy Hargis AT&T Performing Arts Center
Willow Sanchez Law Office of Willow Sanchez / Counsel to the ARTS
Kenya Barry AT&T
Kim Noltemy Dallas Symphony Orchestra
Lori Soderbergh Over the Bridge Arrs
Augustine Jalomo Kidd Springs Central Friends of Kidd Springs Park and Recreation Center
Bhuvana Venkatraman Tejas Dance
Anonymous Elevator Projects
Brittany Wackowski Scott Griggs Campaign for Dallas Mayor
Andrea Somers Dallas Theater Center

314 pledges. Thanks for joining the increasing number of pledgers!

Will you pledge?