Arts Vote Dallas Pledge

Arts Vote Dallas aims to engage candidates running for office in Dallas about arts, culture and creative expression and the role they play in building a more vibrant, connected and equitable Dallas. We invite everyone to take the Arts Vote Dallas pledge – whether you are a voter or a candidate. Make a commitment to join us in our Arts Vote Dallas campaign. Together, we will become educated voters and engaged candidates, ensuring that arts and culture are at the forefront of our civic dialogue. 

I commit to supporting the diverse, vibrant and growing Dallas cultural community by engaging, educating, advocating and ensuring that Arts & Culture are at the forefront of our civic dialogue. My Arts Vote Matters. 

Who's pledging

Amy Henry Nasher Sculpture Center
Donna Wilhelm Board member, DTC, KERA, TACA, SMU, WAC, Big Thought, Tex Womens Fdn, BWDance, TITAS
Robin Rose Dallas Theater Center
Kevin Moriarty Dallas Theater Center
Rebecca Daniels Nasher Sculpture Center
Heather Joy Puskarich Nasher Sculpture Center

314 pledges. Thanks for joining the increasing number of pledgers!

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Mary Maddux

Nancy Polk

Sammie Westet

Sarah Moody

Ella Johnson

Lori Stierman

Jody Crown ATTPAC - , Volunteer

Natasha Porizkova

Regina McClendon McClendon Realty Group - ,

Pat Gulledge

Sharad Elhence ARTSonepass - , CEO

Christopher Lew Dallas Theater Center - ,

Emily Burke

Sarita Venkatraman

Randy Kender

Carisma Ramsey Fields Dallas Black Dance Theatre - , Board Member

Adrienne McCrady

Delisa Bice

Candice Cogburn

Kenya Barry AT&T - , Manager Billing-Ops

Heidi Murray

Tatiana Gantt

Willow Sanchez Law Office of Willow Sanchez / Counsel to the ARTS - , Founder & Principal

Lawanda Dunwell

Barry Brody