Dan Flavin Installation at Richmond Hall, The Menil Collection, Houston, photo by J. Griffis Smith/TxDOT

Mission & Vision

What is Texans for the Arts?

Texans for the Arts (TFA) is a highly effective, non-partisan statewide arts advocacy organization that organizes advocacy efforts in order to protect and increase public and private funding for the arts at the state, national and local levels and provides coordinated information about legislative activity related to arts issues.

Ballet Austin The Bach Project
Choreography by Stephen Mills, Photo by Tony Spielberg


To engage Texans in a unified advocacy effort to protect and increase public support for the arts.


A rich, dynamic and vibrant arts community accessible to all through effective arts advocacy, education, and leadership.





Legislative Agenda 

The TFA legislative agenda advocates for the development and implementation of public policy that supports a strong and vibrant  arts and cultural industry.  Our goals include:

Protecting the legal authorized funding level and uses of the Municipal Hotel Occupancy Tax for the development, support and promotion of the arts;
Promoting passage of increased state appropriations for arts’ funding;
Increasing state appropriations for the Texas Commission on the Arts which in turn provides greater resources for arts and cultural organizations throughout Texas; and
Monitoring legislative action that impacts the non-profit sector, such as tax exemptions, regulatory issues, etc.

Texans For The Arts is a 501(c)(4) organization that coordinates citizen-based legislative advocacy and lobbying efforts.  

Texans For The Arts Foundation (TFAF) is a 501(c)(3) organization that provides professional development and advocacy education for both arts administrators and committed arts’ supporters to build a broad constituency of citizen advocates.

TFA and TFAF bring together voices of arts leaders, board members from arts organizations, and committed supporters from across the state to amplify the collective voice for increasing public and private funding for the arts.