Texas Arts Advocacy Day 2019, Austin. Photo credit: Matt Stryker


  • NEA/NEH FUNDING UPDATES - Congress returned to Washington the week of November 12th for the "lame duck" session.  There are 4-5 must-pass pieces of legislation including the Interior Appropriations Bill.  This Interior Appropriations Bill includes a $2 million increase for both the National Endowment for the Arts and National Endowment for the Humanities.

    It's uncertain if these outstanding appropriations bills will be pushed through as an omnibus or individually.  The current Continuing Resolution (CR) runs out on December 6.  If Congress does another CR, it will continue to fund the NEA at $153 million, not the new funding level of $155 million.

    There isn't a Call-To-Action at this time, but we will keep you informed.
  • Even with Texas Arts Advocacy Day on the horizon (February 5, 2019), you can get your feet wet by taking our advocacy training at “Arts Advocacy Interim Challenge” and make sure your legislators know that #TXArtsMatter.  Texans for the Arts hosts Texas Arts Advocacy Day every other year during the Texas Legislative Session. That’s the January–May in odd numbered years when our state legislators are in Austin! But what about the other 19 months when they are “at home” in their districts?  This is THE time to catch them on their home turf!  Getting to know your decision makers at the municipal, state and federal level is important in our collective effort to increase the public investment in the arts across Texas.  And legislators want to hear from YOU - the voters in their districts!

    So, Texans for the Arts has kicked off its inaugural “Arts Advocacy Interim Challenge”, accompanied by a ‘Community Advocacy Tool Kit’ to help you make the best use of the “Interim”. Get to know your legislators (or this being an election year, get to know the candidates!) and make sure they know the good work YOU are doing in your community and why supporting the arts should be a vital part of their legislative agenda in the next Legislative Session!

    Come January 2019, let’s make sure every Texas legislator understands that the arts are a cornerstone of our Texas economy, that they drive community change, create a true sense of place, build bridges and connect diverse cultures, and bring meaning and value to our lives both as individuals and as a community!

    Keep track through our Google Forms ands when you are all done – we’ll send you a Texans for the Arts Bumper sticker that says “I’m an Arts Advocate and I VOTE!”

    We’re here to help! Let us know how you’re doing and reach out with questions, ideas, successes and challenges! Advocacy is all about sharing your passion for your work and ensuring your decision makers recognize the critical impact of the arts in our lives and in our communities! 

  • "Wow, what a day. I cannot thank you and your team enough for such a wonderful information filled day." Those are the inspiring remarks of one of the attendees at our March 1st Arts Funding & Leadership Development Workshop hosted by Brad Sharp, Executive Director of Creative Frisco, in Frisco Texas.  A special shout out to Brad and to our presenters: Frisco Mayor Jeff Cheney; Charles Eisemann, arts advocate; Collin County Commissioner Susan Fletcher; Cookie Ruiz, Executive Director of Ballet Austin and President of Texans for the Arts; Fiona Bond, Executive Director of Creative Waco and board member of Texans for the Arts; and Ann S. Graham, Executive Director of Texans for the Arts. We look forward to a stellar group of new "Texans for the Arts Certified State Arts Advocates" as a outcome of this intensive day long workshop. Mayor Cheney also used this as an occasion to kick off March 2018 as "Arts Advocacy Month" with a proclamation and notable remarks about the positive impact that the arts have on Frisco and the region. For more information, click here.

  • Over 20 arts leaders from across Texas joined us at National Arts Advocacy Day, March 12-13, 2018 in Washington, D.C.  We made 21 congressional visits seeking an increase in funding for the NEA, NEH, IMLS and CPB, supporting the Universal Federal Tax Credit and other pro-arts policies that benefit artists and the nonprofit sector.  

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