Anti-Racism Resources

Texans for the Arts condemns senseless and unprovoked acts of violence against black Americans and vehemently opposes discrimination and racism against all people of color. We stand in solidarity with non-violent protesters as together we mourn the killing of George Floyd and the countless other victims of racism and police brutality in this country. We are committed to being an ally to all our neighbors as we seek a peaceful way to bring about meaningful change and work to begin healing from this collective trauma. 

At their core, the arts have the power to give voice to our collective humanity. They bring joy. They bring tears. They inspire us to feel what it is to be a human being. The arts are complex and provide a mirror for us to view ourselves like nothing else. We can see through the arts the things we are most proud of and the things that are difficult to bear. Perhaps just as importantly, the arts provide a tool for us to speak out against those things we want to see changed and provide a powerful means to achieve our shared dreams for a more equitable and just future. 

As we move forward, we must acknowledge our painful history of systemic racism and exploitation. Our institutions have been shaped by this history and we acknowledge that it is up to us to stand with you and support you as you make the art that can challenge what the future can look like. We will continue to fight tirelessly to ensure you—the people —have the resources you need to both remember the past and shape the future through the arts. We cannot stand at arm’s length and view what is happening without taking action. We will continue to learn and put into practice focused and deliberative work to support our communities of color. 

The arts have an incredible power to effect social change, explore racial and ethnic representations, reflect a community’s history and identity, and build bridges across diverse audiences. Let us stand together and ensure that these tragic circumstances force us into action to bring out the best in all of us moving forward—together—through the arts.

Please take from the growing list of resources listed below to learn, to listen, to contribute, to take action, and to add your voice to the call for peace and justice.

Stay safe and stay well,

Ann S. Graham
Executive Director


Resources + tools

How to talk about race: 


How to integrate anti-racist practices into your arts organization: 


How to create a future that is more inclusive: 


Using art to share stories:


How to support artists of color:


Funding for artists and arts leaders of color:


Know your rights: 


In the news


Organizations to support

American Civil Liberties Union

Black Lives Matter

Black Visions Collective

Color of Change

Equal Justice Initiative

Esperanza Peace and Justice Center


Movement for Black Lives

NAACP Legal Defence Fund

National Bail Fund Network

Southern Poverty Law Center

Vera Institute of Justice


Arts Specific

10 Nonprofits Amplifying Black Voices in the Arts

Arts Administrators of Color Network

Center for Artistic Activism 

Women of Color in the Arts

Sphinx Organization


Texas Specific

5 Austin Non-profits Supporting Racial Equity – Austin Monthly

League of Women Voters - Texas

Resources to support social justice, freedom of the press — and ways to learn about racism and its history – Sightlines Magazine

Texas Civil Rights Project

Texas Organizing Project

Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation – Dallas