Chris Kiley

Associate Director
Texans for the Arts

Chris Kiley is involved with many different aspects TFA and TFAF, serving as Associate Director. Chris joined TFA five years ago and has been an employee since 2017. 

Chris moved to Texas in 2014 to attend graduate school at Texas Tech University from New York, New York and moved to the Austin area to pursue working with TFA in 2016 after completing his MFA in Arts Administration. He considers Texas one of the best places on Earth and loves working on behalf of the arts community here. Chris has been involved in Texas politics since arriving in the State and spent time while at Texas Tech interning for former Congressman Gene Green from Houston in Washington D.C., immersing himself in arts policy and funding issues.  

Chris is dedicated to arts education. Chris worked for Austin non-profit Creative Action as a SPARK School Arts Integration Teaching Artist until 2019. In partnership with Austin ISD, Chris collaborated with classroom teachers to develop and implement curriculum for STEM subjects through a creative lens. Chris believes that a robust arts education is critical to ensuring that our young people are prepared to enter the 21st Century Workforce. 

Chris also has a background in Acting and Directing for the stage. Chris has performed professionally all over the country and served as Executive Director of the Derryfield Repertory Theater Program, a summer initiative dedicated to introducing young people to theater and producing professional musical theater productions at the Derryfield School in NH from 2014- 2018.

Chris currently serves on the Board of Austin Emerging Arts Leaders, a local non-profit dedicated to developing the next generation of art leadership in the Austin area and recently accepted an adjunct professorship at Texas Tech University, teaching a graduate level arts advocacy course. 

When Chris is off the clock, he loves spending time with his partner Amanda and their large, goofy dog named Gatsby. 

"I believe a healthy arts landscape is vital to providing us with happy, healthy communities. The arts give us a voice, but it is up to us to use it!


Contact Information

Email: [email protected]