Texas Arts Advocacy Day 2019, Austin. Photo credit: Matt Stryker

COVID-19 Resources

Facing COVID-19, we need the arts more than ever!

As we are all aware, our communities across Texas are responding to the challenges regarding the spread of COVID-19.  We are seeing serious restrictions on assembly, being asked to "social distance", and to take all precautionary measures to keep ourselves and our communities healthy.

Despite the serious life-and-death challenges we all face in this pandemic, we are also cautiously starting 2021 with optimism and gratitude. After many months without a funding agreement, Congress came together at the end of the year and President Trump signed a $2.3 trillion dollar omnibus bill, combining the 2021 federal budget with COVID-19/Pandemic relief. Texas's cultural sector and communities across the nation have much to celebrate, as the relief package includes funding for non-profit and commercial cultural organizations, as well as an extension of unemployment insurance for cultural workers.

For a detailed look at the newest Federal COVID-19 Relief, including "Save Our Stages" legislation, and to see if you or your organization qualify, click here. 


Resources for Arts & Cultural Community:

Grants and Additional Artist Resources:

Public health is our priority.

As arts leaders, we are also keenly aware of the decimating effect COVID-19 is having on our arts organizations and individual artists across the state.  Working with local, state and national partners we are gathering and sharing information to try to help you in-the-field find the available resources and to be ready to advocate for additional funding in the coming days and weeks.

Here's a list of important resources surrounding the COVID-19 crisis with additional information about what we can be doing in the arts community to combat the situation:*****
Public Health:   


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Arts Organization Impact Survey: Please Take Now!

Americans for the Arts, in partnership with arts organizations across the US, is fielding a national survey to capture ongoing economic loss associated with COVID-19 and subsequent social distancing advisories which have shuttered theaters and museums, caused the cancellations of 1,000s of arts events and negatively impacted not just the arts communities, but ALL of our communities.

This survey and online dashboard - with data available state by state - are critical tools to make the case to state and federal decision-makers to include the arts and culture sector in COVID-19 relief legislation and additional future economic relief packages.

Americans for the Arts has already received over 10,442 responses nationally with a negative economic impact of $3.7 billion - and we need to hear from all of you!

These are unprecedented times. We believe in the power of the arts and humanities to help us pull through. The one thing that we know for certain, is that whatever challenges we face in the future, we will be stronger if we face them together.

Additional Texas Resources: 

Houston non-profit Fresh Arts is holding a series of online conversations related to how artists can work through economic downturns. Topics will include crisis communication, emergency grants available to artists, applying for SBA loans, unemployment eligibility for freelancers, healthcare for artists, etc. Check in on their Facebook page for upcoming webinars, or head to their website for postings on artist opportunities 


Houston Arts Alliance is compiling resources to help the arts & cultural community remain resilient in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. One approach is to develop a way to make events digitally accessible to your audience. Below you will find some tools, articles, and examples to help with this. 

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Please stay safe and wash your hands!

Illustration: Amiri Geuka Farris

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