Texas Arts Advocacy Day 2019, Austin. Photo credit: Matt Stryker

Sample Phone Script to Elected Officials - Event Invitation

Hello! My name is Katie Smith and I’m a constituent from Austin. I’m calling to let Congressman Williams know about an exciting event I’m hosting, which I’d love to invite him to. Could I give you more information about the event to be passed onto him?

Great! The event is a luncheon called “Strengthening the Arts in Our Schools” that will take place at Wilkinson Elementary School. Wilkinson and a number of other schools in the district have pursued funding to become fully supported arts-rich campuses, as we’ve seen the arts have an immense impact on students’ academic and social lives. District school administrators, teachers, parents, school board members and legislators are invited to join us to discuss opportunities and ways to garner district support for our crucial goal of bolstering arts programming at our schools.

We would love to invite Congressman Williams to the event so he can be a part of this exciting dialogue and see firsthand the meaningful impact the arts are having in our schools. It is taking place at Wilkinson Elementary from 12-1:30pm on Wednesday, April 18th.

[Answer any questions the aid has if needed]. If you or Congressman Williams have additional questions about the event, please reach out to me at 555-5555 or via email at [email protected]. Please also reach out if he is able to attend so we know to expect him with a warm welcome. Thanks so much for your time!

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