Texas Arts Advocacy Day 2019, Austin. Photo credit: Matt Stryker

Email/Letter Template to Elected Officials - General Support

Email Subject: Constituent - [Issue Name]

Dear Representative / Senator / Mayor / Council Member / School Board Member [Name]:

I am writing today to express my strong support for the arts in our community and to encourage you and your colleagues to commit to support the arts through your policies, funding proposals, and platforms.

As your constituent, I want you to know that the arts are vital in our community. [Tell a personal impact story about the arts].

The arts also have a huge impact on our state and local economy. In fact, recent economic impact data indicates that the arts and culture sector contribute $42.7 Billion to the Texas gross domestic product (GDP) and employ more than 358,430 workers equaling 3% of the state’s employment.

The arts’ impact on our children’s education is extremely important. Students who are exposed to the arts in the classroom are more likely to graduate on time, perform at a higher level academically, and problem solve and create innovative solutions needed in our 21st century workforce. I hope that you and your colleagues will support our community by helping the arts grow and thrive by [request specific action such as attendance at event]. I look forward to your response and monitoring your support of the arts.

Thank you for your time and for your support of our community. If you have any questions, please reach out to me.


[Name, Phone #, Email]

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