Roadmap to Advocating

Whether you have only a few minutes or an entire week, there’s always something you can do to advocate for the arts. We’ve compiled a roadmap to get you started based on how much time you have and included the resources to help you get going. Take a look at your schedule and see what works for you!

To learn how to get involved through TFA, please visit our Programs page.

For additional resources not linked on this page, please visit Advocacy Resources.

Originally adapted from South Carolina Arts Alliance


  • Check Your Voter Registration
    • Advocacy starts with the individual. By ensuring you are registered to vote, you are ensuring that your voice will be able to be heard, and you can have a say in electing officials that will prioritize funding for the arts. 
  • Make a Social Media Shout Out
    • Use #TXforTheArts and #TXArtsAreEssential and share a statement of support for the arts, a personal story about how the arts impact you, or a statistic about the arts in your community. And like our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages as well as those of artists and arts organizations in your community. If you aren’t sure what to post, try using one of the social media templates.
  • Attend & Attest
    • Attend an arts event and take a photo of the event, artist, or artwork. Post to social media with #TXforTheArts. Share the great work artists are doing in your community!
  • Make a Speech
    • Are you hosting your own art event? A performance? A gallery opening? During your curtain speech, take a moment to tell your audience about the importance of the arts in their community. Share how their support of the arts at the public policy level allows them to access the arts experience they're about to see.
  • Invite Your Officials
    • Invite an elected official to attend an arts event with you! (Note: If you're an organization, you can't buy them a ticket or offer one for free. However, a board member can pay for their ticket and take them as their guest).
  • Email Elected Officials
    • Email your Mayor, City Council members, School Board members, State Legislators, and Congressional Representatives. Tell them how meaningful the arts are to you and your community. If you need a boost, we have a template for your elected officials here and a portal to find your state legislators here.
  • Tell Your Friends
    • Word of mouth is often the most effective strategy. Let people who are passionate about the arts know how they can get involved. You can direct them to our website at
  • Write
    • Write a blog post on your website or a letter to your elected official or newspaper editor. A personal story is powerful. You can also email us your story at [email protected] so we can share it far and wide! You can also use our letter writing template.
  • Take a Video
    • Post a video about how the arts have impacted you or about an amazing arts event in your community. Remember to #TXforthearts to loop us in. Or, send it to us and we'll post for you!
  • Email Your Audience
    • If you have a mailing list, you can send your contacts an email that encourages them to take action. Send your audience an email and link them to this toolkit. We have a sample here to get you started!
  • Make a Meeting
    • Set up a meeting with your city and county council members, school board members and state legislators and discuss how they can support the arts in the community. You can grab coffee or meet at City Hall - any kind of meeting provides an opportunity to advocate! You can check out our sample phone script or letter template to help you reach out. We also have templates for you to follow up with your legislators and training on making the most of your meeting on our Advocacy Resources page.
  • Leave a Public Comment
    • Find out what your City Council meeting agendas are. Call your City Hall to ask about when your Council meets and how to give a Public Comment. Sign up and when it's your turn, tell your Council members how you want to forward the arts in your community. Check out this script as a starting place. Stay for the whole meeting so you can learn about the process, too.
  • Host a Rally
    • Bring a group of arts advocates together and make your voices heard. Check with your local government about how to host a rally on public property and invite your friends!
  • Host an Event
    • Host an event at a local arts center, cultural institution, school or even a park and invite public officials and/or arts leaders. Give people the opportunity to discuss the future of the arts in your community. Check out our Event Action Plan Checklist to guide you. There are also a number of event-related templates on our Advocacy Resources page.
  • Alert the Press
    • Set up a press conference with your local media. Invite arts leaders, organizations and your elected officials and band together to let your community know how important the arts are.
  • Pass a Resolution
    • Reach out to your City Council about having them pass an "Arts Advocacy Day" (or week or month!) Resolution. This resolution helps your city officially recognize the arts in your town each year. Please email [email protected] if you’re interested in taking this on so we can help draft the language and coordinate with other cities.