TFA Foundation

Texans for the Arts Foundation (TFAF) is a non-partisan statewide nonprofit/501(c)(3) arts organization that organizes efforts through data collection, education, outreach, and community engagement to protect and increase public funding for the arts at the state, national, and local levels.

Texans for the Arts Foundation's vision is for Texas to lead the nation in investing in the arts and to ensure that the arts are an ongoing part of the public dialogue.

We believe the arts inspire community change that fosters economic development, creates a true sense of place, builds bridges and connects diverse cultures, and brings meaning and value to our lives both as individuals and as members of our larger society.



A Passion for Advocacy and Leadership Training

In the most challenging of times, in the middle of the COVID pandemic, Texans for the Arts Foundation (TFAF) launched the Municipal Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT) Toolkit, an online resource for arts, municipal, hotel, and tourism leaders sharing what you need to know about Texas’ Municipal Hotel Occupancy Tax, Chapter 351 of the Texas Tax Code.

The goal of the HOT Toolkit is to ensure that the arts are at-the-decision-making-table and give voice as to why investing the allowable “up to 15% for the arts” is a sound investment in creativity and the social health and economic well-being of every community.

The biennial Texas Arts Advocacy Day, occurring during the Texas state legislative session, went virtual in 2021. Every Texas Congressional Session, TFAF hosts advocacy training, guest speakers, and meetings with legislators, which serve as an important chance to empower community members to share, as constituents, how arts and culture support economic development and make our communities safer, healthier and more vibrant. Going virtual allowed for greater participation and facilitated more meetings with legislators and constituents in their districts. TFAF lookds forward to deveoping a hybrid model in coming years that connect our advocates both in person and virtually to the event and thier elected officials.

TFA provides state-wide leadership at the federal level serving with Americans for the Arts’ State Arts Action Network, and throughout the pandemic has advocated for federal COVID-19 Relief funds and continues to work tirelessly to originally secure CARES funding and now American Rescue Plan (ARP)  funding for the arts and culture sector here in Texas.

TFAF also launched am Advocacy Leadership Council to train furture advocate leaders, and gorw the base of grassroots advocates all over Texas.