Ballet Austin - Light/The Holocaust and Humanity Project, photo by Tony Spielberg

Community Advocacy Toolkit

Thank you for supporting Texans for the Arts and your community as an arts advocate!

This toolkit offers information and resources for how to effectively advocate for the arts in a variety of ways. We’re sure you have a lot of questions - How do I find out who my legislators are? How do I set up a meeting with them? And once I do, what do I say? What if I’m short on time - are there still ways I can help?

There are many ways to advocate, from posting on social media to organizing an event with your legislators. We will outline how you can help at a range of levels!

You can start by giving us a shout out at #TXforthearts and #TXartsmatter.

In the following pages, we provide you with resources and statewide messaging for our elected officials to successfully engage in arts advocacy in your home districts. These action steps will strengthen your relationships with decision makers and help you have a stronger impact in Austin when the Texas legislature is in session. Check out our Arts Advocacy Interim Challenge for more information!

Let’s get started!


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