Texans for the Arts: Championing Public Commitment to Our State's Creative Landscape

Texans for the Arts (TFA) is a highly effective, non-partisan statewide arts advocacy organization that organizes advocacy efforts in order to protect and increase public and private funding for the arts at the state, national and local levels and provides coordinated information about legislative activity related to arts issues and promote policies that support the arts. Texans for the Arts is powered by its members and we encourage you to play an active role in our work across the state by becoming a member yourself!

Texans For The Arts Foundation (TFAF) is a 501(c)(3) organization that provides professional development and advocacy education for both arts administrators and committed arts’ supporters to build a broad constituency of citizen advocates. It also organizes efforts through data analysis, education, outreach, and community engagement to protect and increase public funding for the arts at the state, national, and local levels.

Texans for the Arts Foundation's vision is for Texas to lead the nation in investing in the arts and to ensure that the arts are an ongoing part of the public dialogue.

We believe the arts inspire community change that fosters economic development, creates a true sense of place, builds bridges and connects diverse cultures, and brings meaning and value to our lives both as individuals and as members of our larger society.  Support the work of Texans for the Arts Foundation by clicking on "Donate to the Foundation" below.