Are you hungry to lead advocacy efforts in your community? 

Are you ready to lead the way for a bright future for the arts in Texas?

Do you want to help get more people involved in the critical arts advocacy work in your town or city?


If so, TFA offers an Advocacy Leadership Council (ALC) for seasoned arts advocates that wish to serve as leaders in their communities!


Texans for the Arts selects local advocates from each of their Texas legislative districts (both the TX House and the Senate) who serves as liaisons between Texans for the Arts, elected officials  and the community they represent. 

Members of this council help to arrange and host legislative visits, build a community of local advocates, disseminate important information, and represent arts partners and their needs at the local level to those who represent them. These advocates also ensure that their elected officials have their finger on the pulse of the arts community they represent by inviting them to local arts events. There is no better way to make the case for the arts than to have decision makers experience the arts being offered in their communities by their constituents and neighbors.  

The  Texans for the Arts ALC is a great opportunity for those that want to have a tangible and lasting impact on public funding for the arts in Texas and are vital to TFA’s legislative success.

Get your weekly arts advocacy news, updates and more!


Be sure to join us every Wednesday for a 15 minute session on our Facebook Page! Texans for the Arts staff provide legislative updates and a myriad of interviews throughout the year to keep you in the Texas advocacy loop! It is a great way to get your little bit of advocacy new each and every week! 




Texans for the Arts is committed to serving the local needs of the arts and culture sector across Texas. In an effort to remain responsive and connected to our many arts partners, TFA offers the Regional Conversations Series


This is our opportunity to hear from you! Artists, arts workers, organizations, and advocates: This is your opportunity to connect, to get the latest news on Federal and State arts policies, to collaborate on local priorities and to strengthen advocacy in your region. It is also a chance to share your needs with us, so that Texans for the Arts can better serve you and unify our statewide voice for the arts.





Topics vary and are carefully curated to reflect the needs of the day. Recent installments of the Regional Conversations Series have included:

  • The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the arts community.
  • The early days of the reopening process in Texas.
  • Important and timely updates to our base during the 87th Texas Legislative Session.
  • The impact of the American Rescue Plan on the arts community and the resources it provides.
  • Continued economic pressure being faced by the creative sector in the face of the pandemic.

These sessions are important opportunities to connect Texans for the Arts and local arts communities in an intimate setting and provides our members with the opportunity to share important information with TFA about their needs and what support they require. It can shape everything from our communication strategies, advocacy campaigns, even our legislative agenda.


Be sure to check our Events page to see when the next conversation may be headed to your community!